Meet our Team

With a combined 80 years of experience in the litigation support industry, our team always puts client satisfaction first. We strive for superior quality in our services and products. We make it a point to check for sustained quality and great customer service in your projects from start to finish.

Manny Eulloqui

Executive Vice President

Manny has been in the attorney service side of the business since 1990. He started Apex Attorney Services in 1995 and currently works with many prestigious firms, both large and small. He has tremendous knowledge in messenger and attorney services.

Francisco Mendoza

Director of Operations

Francisco's expertise is in the area of paper discovery services. His knowledge of software packages such as IPRO and Concordance, sets him apart in providing high quality imaging and project management support to our clients.

Juan Rodriguez

Service Coordinator

Juan has worked with clients in the Los Angeles area since the mid-80’s. He has been a messenger, a process server and a dispatcher. As a dispatcher, he is well versed on document preparation and the completion of proofs of service.

Luis Aragon

Production Manager

Luis has resounding experience in the field of on-site services (both analog and digital), scanning, processing (IPRO, Concordance) and copying/printing all types of legal documents, including trial exhibits binders and exhibit boards.